How to choose a Home Workout Program that is Right for You!Transform your Body with a Home Workout Program

First let’s talk about the reasons that a home workout program may be right for you.

Benefits of A Home workout program:

  • NO one will be watching you workout!
  • NO Expensive Gym Membership!
  • NO Embarrassing Classes!
  • NO Tasteless Diet Food!
  • NO Long Drives!
  • NO Getting UP Early!
  • No Putting on makeup or fixing your hair!
  • It’s More Fun!
  • It takes Less Time!
  • Start your workout when you want, not when the gym classes are held!
  • It’s CHEAPER than going to the gym or doctor!
  • There are a greater variety of formats available than in gyms!
  • It’s Easy to workout according to your schedule, instead of when the gym is open or not too crowded!
  • Home Workout Program

Some of the things that may be motivating you to want to consider a Home Workout Program: 

  • Do you want to lose weight and get back the body you once had?
  • Do you have some clothes that you “used to wear” that you want to fit into?
  •  Do you want to feel and look better in time for a special event?
  •  Do you want to improve your self image?
  •  Do you feel like you don’t have time for yourself?
  •  Do you want a step-by-step blueprint of how to achieve a healthy weight?
  • Do you want to Tone and shape your body?
  • Do you want to get off of or reduce hypertensive and/or cholesterol medications you are taking?
  • Are you wanting to seriously take control of your Health and Fitness?
  • Are you ready to take your Health and Fitness to the next level? 

Things to consider as you choose a Home Workout Program  that is right for you:

In order to be successful with your Home Workout Program, you should:

1) First and foremost- determine what you want to accomplish:


Your Goals.

Lose weight/inches-Get Fit/healthier-Tone up/sculpt-Get off meds- etc…

Once you have determined your main Goal, make it personal. Ask yourself. 

What would it feel like to: (this is important to give yourself a visual picture of what you want in order to stay committed to your goal)


“Success is the outcome of thinking, visualizing, planning and taking action”  author unknown

Look younger? Have others comment, says you look great or you’ve lost weight!

Fit into a smaller size? Wear some of those clothes that have been just hanging in your closet for years, or be forced to buy some new clothes because the old ones are too big.

Have a more active lifestyle? Join a recreational sports team, play and keep up with kids/grandkids or join a 5K for charity.

Have your Doctor take you off a med?

Be an example/inspiration to others?

2) What’s your style? What type of workout do you prefer?


Picking a Home Workout Program that fits your style, will increase your chances of success. Your will be more likely to stick with it if you enjoy it.






  • Do you love Dance?
  • Do you love high intensity
  • Do you like Boot camp style workouts?
  • Do you enjoy kickboxing workouts?
  • Do you like Martial arts inspired workouts?
  • Do you prefer pilates/yoga/stretch (no impact) workouts?
  • Do you want a muscle building workout?
  • Do you like interval circuit training?
  • Do you want to work on your core strength?
  • Do you need a beginner, intermediate or advanced program?
  • Do you need to be able to workout with an Express format, due to your schedule?
  • Do you have some exercise equipment or do you need a program that has equipment?

The better you determine this factors the greater chance that you will stick with your home workout program and therefore the greater chance that you will achieve your goals!

3) Be willing to invest in yourself!


“investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” Robin S. Sharma,

By this I don’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money, but don’t pick a program by it’s price. If the program you think you will stick with and enjoy, cost a little more, look at it as an investment in yourself.

After all you’re worth it  and sticking to a home workout program most likely will save you money in the long run, just think of how much a doctor visit cost! Not to mention the value of an increase in quality of life!

4) Commit to workout with your chosen program for at least 90 days! 2013-05-14_1613

This is where most of us fail. We start looking for results too soon. Realize that the shape you’re in now may be the result of years or decades of neglect. To expect an overnight turnaround is usually unrealistic, however from the day you start your journey, your body is adjusting and preparing for better health. These adjustments usually come with some level of discomfort. In fact if you are feeling no aches or pains, you might need to step it up or chose another program that challenges your body. Just remember that the aches and pains should be limited to muscle not to joints or tendons. Consult your physician if you feel you have an injury.

5) Look for programs from Trainers that are Nationally recognized as Fitness leaders!

Some of these are:

  • Tony Horton*
  • Chalene Johnson*
  • Shaun T*
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Les Mills*
  • Debbie Siebers*
  • Billy Blanks
  • Leandro Carvalho*
  • Donna Richardson Joyner*

* These trainer’s programs are available through a common company offering multiple home workout programs including these and various other trainers.

6) Demand that the program you chose comes not only with DVD’s, but with a complete fitness plan.


representative example of a Home Workout Program that includes: workout DVD’s- program guide-nutritional guide as well as some equipment.

( including a step by step program guide and a nutritional guide )

Having supporting information will make the Program easier to follow as well as more valuable to you as you work through it. Another aspect that should be included with all programs is support. Not just customer/tech support but support from the creators of the programs or other individuals who have a working knowledge of the program and are  available to answer your questions and concerns.

With the access to the internet that we enjoy these days, the better programs offer large amounts of information, support and encouragement online. Some offer customized meal plans, access to chat and message boards, online videos, workout tracking and even a virtual coach to work with. (virtual coaches are supportive individuals on a similar journey that have used and have access to specific information and training. They are assigned to purchasers of the programs to offer support,encouragement and accountability, using email and other social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and so forth to communicate with clients.)

7) Look for Satisfaction Guarantees:satisfaction guaranteed

Just in case you order a program that does not deliver what you expected or the product has a defective DVD, top providers of home workout programs usually offer 30 day satisfaction guarantees on their programs and other items they sell. (supplements, equipment, health snacks and protein shakes, etc..)

Bottom line, choosing the right Home Workout program is all about you, your goals, your style, your commitment level and your journey to a Healthier you!

about the author: This is a Guest Blog by Ruthie Gage

Ruthie is a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer and F.N.S. (fitness nutrition specialist) and virtual fitness coach. Currently living on the Emerald Coast of Florida providing Virtual Health and Fitness coaching to clients throughout the U.S. and Canada as an independent BeachBody Coach. You can find her


blog at or connect with her on facebook Here.





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Home Workout Programs










Google Authorship in 10 quick steps!

Partick Batty How to claim Google Authorship.

I found this YouTube video to be helpful as a visual step by step tutorial.  Or you can cut right to the bottom line by following the steps below!

  1. Set up a Google Plus account (if you already have one you can skip to #3) You will need to have a Gmail email address (Free)
  2. Open your profile and choose: “edit profile” – completely fill out your profile including profile picture and other contact/blog or website information.                                                                                                
    Google Authorship in 10 quick steps! slide 1
  3. Choose: edit “contributor to” : Add your blog sites URL and a name for your site. Add other sites that you may blog from.Google Authorship in 10 Quick Steps
  4. Log into your blog; Click on “add a new post”Google Authorship in 10 quick steps! slide 3
  5. Go back to your plus account and hover over your profile button – right click and choose “copy link address”. (this is your Google Plus ID) Paste this into the body of your new post on your blog.Google Authorship in 10 Quick Steps
  6. Add to the very end (no space) ?rel=authorGoogle Authorship in 10 quick steps! slide 5
  7. On your new blog post above your Google Plus ID. Write some anchor text Like “Visit my Google Plus page” or “Hang out on Google +” (make sure you are in visual editing not text) Now highlight and copy the complete Google Plus Id with ?rel=author. After this is copied, highlight the anchor text (Visit my Google Plus Page) and click on the add link icon above and paste the complete Google ID with ?rel=author into the link URL. You can now delete the Google ID because it is now hyperlinked to the anchor text ( Visit my Google Plus page).Google Authorship in 10 quick steps! slide 6
  8. Now click on the Text tab to get the HTML code and copyGoogle Authorship in 10 Quick Steps
  9. Go to Blog and choose “appearance” and click on “widget” – drag a “text widget” into the bottom of your widget area. Place the HTML code in the new text box and save.Google Authorship in 10 quick steps! slide 8
  10. Chose to “view my blog” and find the anchor text and click on it to verify that it is working.Google Authorship in 10 quick steps! slide 9

There you have it! Google Authorship in 10 quick steps!

Hope you found this post to be of benefit, check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed for more IM tips!

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Ron Gage

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Google Authorship in 10 Quick Steps

Our Clinical Trial is published for Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse
Here is a video sharing the amazing peer review results!

Beachbody 21 Day Reset Cleanse 



Now The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, an independent, peer-reviewed journal, has released a clinical study confirming the Ultimate Reset® is a safe, scientifically reliable program to help improve your overall health.

Researchers recruited a test group of faculty, staff, students, and community members, from age 20 to 60, at New York Chiropractic College. For 21 days, the subjects followed the comprehensive Ultimate Reset program of low-energy-density meals and natural supplements. Both before and after the Reset, researchers assessed the subjects’ body measurements, blood pressure, lipid profile, and body composition.

The results were impressive. Subjects lost significant weight, leading to clinically meaningful improvements of BMI, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol following the 21-day program. Medical experts agree that these improvements decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome and associated disease states, including, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and Type II diabetes. Men in the study saw increased testosterone levels, while women’s did not change.

We here at Beachbody® are very excited about these conclusions, because they offer clinical proof for what our real-world customers have already found with the Ultimate Reset that it’s helped them lose weight, improve digestion, and feel better than they have in years. There are many other cleanses on the market, but very few if any! can offer such clear-cut scientific PROOF that they’ll help put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

In fact, because Beachbody customers get unparalleled support from their peers, our network of Beachbody Coaches, and 24/7 Facebook® groups, they’ve seen even better results than in this study.

Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
Volume 12, Issue 1 , Pages 3-14, March 2013


The purpose of this study was to describe changes in anthropometric measurements, body composition, blood pressure, lipid profile, and testosterone following a low–energy-density dietary intervention plus regimented supplementation program. Methods The study design was a pre-post intervention design without a control group. Normal participants were recruited from the faculty, staff, students, and community members from a chiropractic college to participate in a 21-day weight loss program. All participants (n = 49; 36 women, 13 men; 31 ± 10.3 years of age) received freshly prepared mostly vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that included 1200 to 1400 daily calories (5020.8 to 5857.6 J) for the women and 1600 to 1800 (6694.4 to 7531.2 J) daily calories for the men. Nutritional supplements containing enzymes that were intended to facilitate digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, increase metabolic rate, and mediate inflammatory processes were consumed 30 minutes before each meal. The regimented supplementation program included once-daily supplementation with a green drink that contained alfalfa, wheatgrass, apple cider vinegar, and fulvic acid throughout the study period. A cleanse supplementation containing magnesium, chia, flaxseed, lemon, camu camu, cat’s claw, bentonite clay, tumeric, pau d’arco, chanca piedra, stevia, zeolite clay, slippery elm, garlic, ginger, peppermint, aloe, citrus bioflavonoids, and fulvic acid was added before each meal during week 2. During week 3, the cleanse supplementation was replaced with probiotic and prebiotic supplementation. (Beachbody 21 Day Reset Cleanse supplements) Results Multiple paired t tests detected clinically meaningful reductions in weight (−8.7 ± 5.54 lb) (−3.9 ± 2.5 kg), total cholesterol (−30.0 ± 29.77 mg/dL), and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (−21.0 ± 25.20 mg/dL) (P < .05). There was a pre-post intervention increase in testosterone for men (111.0 ± 121.13 ng/dL, P < .05).

Beachbody 21 Day Reset Cleanse

Below you will find a link to a video done as a follow up with one of the Doctors that conducted the trail Dr. Mary Balliet and Darin Olien the Co-creator of the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset with a question and answers session.

Beachbody 21 day reset cleanse

Beachbody 21 day reset cleanse

I personally had much better results that the study results:

During the 21 Days I lost 19 lbs. reduced my overall Cholesterol level 32 points- reduced triglycerides 111 points and lost over 14 inches of body fat.

See the full details on the Beachbody site Here!

For More information about the Reset Click on Banner Below!

Beachbody 21 Day Reset Cleanse

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Ron Gage

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Beachbody, the clinical trial is published for beachbody ultimate 21 day reset cleanse from Ron Gage

Published on Feb 13, 2013 

Tony Horton Creator of P90X Checks out Shakeology funny video!

Shakeology ingredient values are unmatched by all other nutritional shakes available in today’s market! Shakeology is a super protein shake with 70+ vitamins,Omega-3,  superfoods, antioxidants, super-green/phytonutrients, is a adaptogen blend with pre and probiotics from around the world. Tony Horton shows that you would have to spend $700 plus to recreate this shake if you were to buy all the ingredients and blend them into a shake not to mention the time it would take just to gather these ingredients!


  • Curb cravings for sugar and junk food
  • Promote weight loss
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve digestion and regularity
  • Support your immune system
  • Improve cholesterol1
  • Support cardiovascular health

Doctor's Review_ Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women's Health

Doctor’s Review_ Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women’s Health


Shakeology’s proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics helps your body eliminate toxins that have built up in your digestive system over the years due to eating highly processed foods, fast food, and junk food. A healthy digestive system makes it easier to absorb the nutrients you need for optimal health.

While your body is cleansing itself from the inside out, Shakeology’s 100% whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins,
and minerals your body needs to help curb its cravings.

Your body will begin to shed stored fat while Shakeology’s superfoods (that are chock-full of antioxidants and phytonutrients) work their magic, helping reduce “free radical” damage that could potentially lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes.

Shakeology Ingredients
Buy Shakeology
Tony HortonBeachbody
Order Shakeology
Purchase Shakeology

P90X super-trainer Tony Horton takes you inside the bag and through the 70 ingredients of his go-to health shake—Shakeology! Also featuring Darin Olien, Dr. Mark Cheng, and other renowned doctors.

Shakeology is also a Low Glycemic Food! Click Here!

For a complete guide to the Gylcemic Index go to and claim your copy or join my facebook group and download your copy from the file section.

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Ron Gage

Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women’s Health!


With our fast paced lives, we seldom stop to think much about our nutrition other than to remember to take our multivitamins. With my wife being a N.A.S.M. certified Personal Trainer and F.N.S. (fitness nutrition specialist) and the fact that I am not getting any younger,  have become aware of the need to make healthier choices. We both came across this Youtube Video and thought it would be good to share. Below you will find a transcript of Dr. Gwendolyn Cobbs remarks. Enjoy!

You can find my wife’s blog at



Doctor  Gwendolyn Cobbs – Obstetrics/ Gynecology

Doctor’s Review_ Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women’s Health

Dr. Cobbs:    “A lot of women are coming in 20 to 40 lbs. overweight these days.  Everyone is working a lot of hours and lives a very hectic lifestyle and even without working for full-time then they’re constantly busy running around.  They need some help in trying to figure out when they should be eating, how much they should be eating, and what they should be eating to stay healthy instead of just grabbing a quick fix to get rid of that hunger feeling.”

Doctor's Review_ Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women's Health

Doctor’s Review_ Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women’s Health

         ” So Shakeology is really good.  It compacts everything into this drink.  It’s a great way to get the nutrients that you needs, and amino acids and it could definitely help with digestion because women come in overweight prior to pregnancy and do not lose the weight before pregnancy.  They’re in high-risk for diabetes and hypertension during the pregnancy And then after the pregnancy, the diabetes and hypertension may go away but as they get older, it tends to stick around longer when they get pregnant again.  Also, you need for calcium definitely increases after the age of 30.  So I was really impressed with the amount of vitamins that are in Shakeology.  The folic, the calcium, and iron really excellent and everyone needs vitamin Bs and everyone is deficient in vitamin D these days, so it’s an excellent as a replacement for the multivitamins we all take.  Sometimes in multivitamins aren’t even digested in your digestive system and then passing right through about even releasing the nutrients that you need.  This way they’re definitely absorbed easier in the Shakeology and it’s quick and easy to make and it’s definitely healthy and it tastes good but I’d like the chocolate flavor Shakeology the best.”

Shakeology is also a Low Glycemic Food! Click Here!

For a complete guide to the Gylcemic Index go to and claim your copy or join my facebook group and download your copy from the file section.

To find out more about Shakeology and why Shakeology is a Great Supplement for Women’s Health! Click on Banner Below!

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